P.S. & Co.

It's a pleasure to feed you healthful, organic, unprocessed meals. 
Order just enough for one or more to feed your household!

Please check the ordering information for the meal plan you'd like to purchase.
We will be sourcing from local, organic farms and appreciate the time

to coordinate with our wonderful farmers. 

Looking for a custom meal plan? Email us at info@puresweets.com!
Please include a general description of what you're looking for (how many meals per week, schedule restrictions, etc), any additional allergies or dietary restrictions, a budget range, and any other information you feel will help us create a meal plan to fit your needs!

Pickup Info:
Please allow for 5-10 minutes for you and our staff to visually double-check your order upon arrival to ensure accuracy. Guests may also waive this service with the understanding that if there are mistakes or discrepancies to your order we will not be able to correct or issue refunds after the order leaves the shop. 

We politely decline modifications and/or refunds, due to not reading ingredient descriptions.  We understand many of our guests seek us due to various allergies, however due to our small staff and pandemic restrictions, we are not operating at full scale.  In such an event, we will offer you shop credit minus processing fees, which we cannot recoup from our credit card processors and Wix.  When in doubt, please reach out to us to make sure before you place an order.