Gemini: Organic Chocolate & Vanilla Marble Cake

Organic Marble Cake with Organic Vanilla Cream and Organic Chocolate Buttercream: two distinct sides that come together to form one perfect cake, just like the duality in Gemini.


"Gemini, you are awesome and too cool. No other sign is a better conversationalist. No other sign is more open to learning. No other sign is funnier, or wittier, or more versatile. And few other signs are as intelligent as Gemini!" - @MelissStarzAstrology (Melissa Genao)


Element: Air

Symbol:  Twins

Dates: May 20th - June 20th



*Picture shown is for reference


All ingredients are organic.  No baking powder (or corn starch) is used in our cakes.  Creams are sweetened with organic maple syrup.  Buttercreams are sweetened with organic powdered sugar.  Cakes are sweetened with organic coconut or organic maple sugar. 


  • Organic Marble Cake

    Organic almond flour, organic house-milled oat flour, organic coconut sugar, organic extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil, organic cocoa powder, organic cold-pressed apple sauce  (organic cold-pressed apple pulp, Vero water), organic hand-pressed brazil nut milk (organic brazil nut, Vero water) , vanilla extract (water, alcohol 35% extract, vanilla bean,) organic apple cider vinegar (certified organic, raw apple cider vinegar, purified water), baking soda, organic white vinegar, sea salt.


    Organic Vanilla Cream

    Organic hand-scooped Thai young coconut meat, organic extra-virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, organic cashews, organic maple syrup, Vero water, vanilla extract (water, alcohol 35% extract, vanilla bean), sea salt


    Organic Chocolate Ganache

    Organic cocoa powder, organic coconut-sweetened chocolate chips (organic unsweetened chocolate, organic palm sugar, organic cocoa butter), organic cashews, organic coconut oil, organic maple syrup, organic coffee grounds, vanilla extract (water, alcohol 35% extract, vanilla bean), Vero water, sea salt


    Contains oats, almonds, brazil nuts, and olive oil. 100% organic, plant-based, gluten-free, corn-free, soy-free.


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