Cancer: Organic Earl Grey Cake

Organic Earl Grey Cake with Organic Lemon Curd and Orgainc Vanilla Cream: cozy, delicate, and comforting for the Cancer who loves a night in.


"Cancer is deeply empathetic and compassionate. They listen to you vent about your problems, not from a place of judgment or love of gossip, but from a place of genuine care and concern. Being loved by a Cancer is a great blessing. Why? Because Cancer loves with an intensity and loyalty few can match. " - @MelissaStarzAstrology (Melissa Genao)


Element: Water

Symbol:  Crab

Dates: June 20th - July 22nd



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All ingredients are organic.  No baking powder (or corn starch) is used in our cakes.  Creams are sweetened with organic maple syrup.  Buttercreams are sweetened with organic powdered sugar.  Cakes are sweetened with organic coconut or organic maple sugar. 


  • Organic Earl Grey Cake

    Organic almond flour, organic oat flour, organic earl grey tea, organic tapioca flour, organic maple sugar, organic applesauce (organic apples, water), organic coconut milk, organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, organic flax seed, organic baking soda, organic apple cider vinegar, organic vanilla extract (water, alcohol 35% extract, vanilla bean), sea salt


    Organic Vanilla Cream

    Organic hand-scooped Thai young coconut meat, organic extra-virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, organic cashews, organic maple syrup, Vero water, vanilla extract (water, alcohol 35% extract, vanilla bean), sea salt


    Organic Lemon Curd

    Organic Miyoko’s butter (organic coconut oil, filtered water, oganic cold-pressed lemon juice, organic coconut cream (organic coconut, purified water, organic guar gum), organic maple sugar, organic lemon zest


    Contains oats, almonds, brazil nuts, and olive oil. 100% organic, plant-based, gluten-free, corn-free, soy-free.


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