P.S. & Co.’s Virgo Season Playlist

Updated: Jul 21

And what you should snack on while listening…

Mark it in your planner, it’s Virgo season! We at P.S. & Co. have put together a short playlist to complement this earth sign. Okay, okay, we know we’re not known for music, but we do love to create a vibe, so we’ve also put together some suggestions of how to fully embrace Virgo season; most notably, what 100% organic, vegan, gluten free, & kosher treats to snack on while you listen.

Set the Scene

When: To fully channel Virgo's energy, we suggest listening after a productive Saturday morning cleaning session. Nothing eases the Virgo mind like a freshly cleaned house and a full day ahead of you.

Where: As an earth sign, and the sign of harvest, Virgo truly appreciates nature and all it has to offer. Try lounging in a hammock or laying out in a quiet park.

What (to eat): Complete the experience with a green juice, Superfood Salad, and of course, a slice of Virgo Cake! Get that super dose of nutrients (Virgo is the most health-conscious sign) and follow it up with the most wholesome cake available, tailor-made to suit this nature-loving, yet always put-together sign.

Virgo Vibes Playlist

  1. Truth Hurts by Lizzo: Yes, this song was everywhere for a while but have you revisited it lately? It’s a bop and we can’t deny it. “Truth Hurts” should be a Virgo tagline because Virgo has a lot of advice to give...though you may not always want to hear it. You can always count on your Virgo friend to give you unsolicited, yet valuable, advice.

  2. Bravado by Lorde: It has to be said, Virgos are known for their constant battle with perfectionism and “Bravado” beautifully describes this internal struggle. It’s a double-edged sword; on one hand, it’s what makes Virgo so productive and reliable. On the other hand, constantly striving for perfection is exhausting.

  3. Ungodly Hour by Chloe x Halle: The lyrics of this song say it all. Get back to me when you have it together, also, here is a clear outline of exactly what you need to get together in order to hang with me (Virgo).

  4. Icy by Kim Petras: Hell hath no fury as a Virgo scorned. “Icy” is a term that is frequently used to describe Virgos, but the truth is, they can be extremely warm, service-oriented, and loyal...until you cross their boundaries, then expect to be iced out as Kim, a Virgo herself, describes in this song.

  5. Run the World (Girls) - Homecoming: The Live Album Version by Beyonc​​é: You didn’t think we’d forget the Queen of all Virgos, did you? The reasons for why this song is a deep Virgo anthem are endless, but the Homecoming Live Version really pushes it over the edge - Virgos get it done and this performance, specifically this track, is the culmination of a lifetime of hard work, careful planning, and fierce determination. What’s more Virgo than that?

So sit back, relax (really, just relax), and enjoy all that Virgo season has to offer <3

Check out our full 24 song Virgo Playlist on Spotify!