P.S. & Co.’s Scorpio Season Playlist

Updated: Jul 21

And what you should snack on while listening…

Scorpio season is here and we’re feeling mystical, deep, and a bit misunderstood, how about you? To feel the full power this season has to offer, we’ve put together a short playlist to complement this mysterious and emotional water sign. Get the full experience, including 100% organic, vegan, gluten free, & kosher snack recommendations, to embrace the deep and intense, yet sensitive nature of Scorpio.

Set the Scene

When: You’ll definitely want to listen at night and ideally on a clear night with a full view of the moon. Scorpio is known for intense mysticism, sensitivity, and psychic power so picking out the right night with the right conditions will truly enhance your experience.

Where: Connect with nature and the universe in an open grassy area where you can feel the grandeur of the night sky.

What (to eat): We suggest our Organic Turmeric Latte made with warming and anti-inflammatory spices, it’s delicious, healing, and decaffeinated so your late-night listen doesn’t turn into an early morning stressfest. Pair it with a slice of our Scorpio Cake for an extra special treat.

Sultry Scorpio Playlist

  • How to be a Heartbreaker by MARINA: Kicking off the Scorpio playlist is a song that illustrates how others may view Scorpio on the surface - calculating, dismissive, and playing a game. Scorpio is known for its hard exoskeleton and painful venom, but if you take a beat to see the real Scorpio you’ll see they’re really magical, emotional, and just trying to protect their big, soft heart.

  • Is it a Crime by Sade: In this Scorpio ballad, Sade even describes her love in terms of “the deepest ocean”, reflecting the same feel as this moody water sign. This is a song about lost love and deep longing that is uniquely Scorpio vibes.

  • Jealousy Jealousy by Olivia Rodrigo: Scorpio is notorious for balancing a kind of high/low emotional range. They can be deep, reflective, and brooding, but they also may have jealous knee-jerk reactions. The opening line “I kinda wanna throw my phone across the room”, is a good representation of some of those more reactive tendencies. It does make for great art though...

  • Secrets From a Girl (Who’s Seen It All) by Lorde: Lorde, a Scorpio’s Scorpio. At age 16, the NZ native had an album that was widely successful and relatable to those twice her age - showing that Scorpio pension for deep emotional understanding. Her newest album is a bit more stripped down than her debut, but in “Secrets From a Girl (Who’s Seen It All)” she expresses a reflective journey from age 15 until now in a way only an emotionally intelligent Scorpio could.

  • just like magic by Ariana Grande: We’ve hammered home the emotional side of Scorpio, but we couldn’t let you go thinking that’s all they have to offer. Scorpio is a truly magical sign with manifestation and psychic abilities that are stronger than many (if not all) of their astrological counterparts. Ari describes it best, “Just like magic, I'm attractive, I get everything I want 'cause I attract it” **

Manifest, make sure your crystals are charged, and enjoy Scorpio season! Check out our full 24 songs Scorpio Playlist on Spotify!

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