P.S. & Co.’s Pisces Season Playlist

Updated: Jul 21

And what you should snack on while listening…

Feeling dreamy and wistful, or maybe just feeling it all? It’s Pisces season! Here is your specially curated playlist to be the soundtrack of this very deeply emotional, occasionally dramatic, and always romantic season. Pisces is the last of the 12 zodiac signs and is often referred to as the “oldest and wisest” sign. We want to set the scene for you with suggestions of when to listen, where to listen, and what 100% organic, vegan, gluten free, & kosher snacks to enjoy so you can get the full Pisces experience.

Set the Scene

When: Whatever time of day you prefer to daydream. Maybe in the morning as you get ready, midday when it all becomes too much, or in the evening when you’re trying to wind down. This is really more of a feeling type of energy.

Where: Somewhere very cozy and private. Pisces really treasure alone time where they can fully decompress and sort through all of their thoughts and feelings. Alternatively, try this playlist at a pregame, we know you have two modes Pisces - last one up at the party or never showed up to the party at all.

What (to eat): As a water sign, Pisces gives off a very light and muted energy so we suggest pairing something light and hydrating like our coconut water poured from freshly cracked Thai young coconuts and a slice of Pisces Cake!

Peaceful Pisces Playlist

  1. Praying by Kesha: As a person and an artist, Kesha had a difficult road through the start of her career. Since coming back, and being totally free to make the music she wants to make, she has released some of the most touching and emotive songs that truly make you feel her Pisces energy. In this song, you can truly feel everything as she sings.

  2. What Is Life by George Harrison: Famous for being the sensitive and quiet one in The Beatles, George Harrison continues to let his Pisces nature shine through in his solo career. What Is Life is a beautiful, happy, romantic song that gives off a very freeing feeling and captures the positive and kind nature often found in Pisces.

  3. Raindrops by Ariana Grande: We’ve already mentioned that Ari herself is Cancer, however, many of her songs and albums have been produced by Max Martin, (the hit-making Swedish pop producer) who is! Raindrops, produced by Martin, opens up Ari’s “Sweetener” album and has such a delicate, sweet, yet slightly melancholy feel that any Pisces can relate to.

  4. Stay (I Missed You) by Lisa Loeb: Pisces has a reputation for being a bit, ahem...dramatic when it comes to love and relationships. Longing and romantic, yet verbose and analytical, the lyrics of this song encapsulate both the daydreaming nature of Pisces and their ability to see deeply into their own thoughts and feelings.

  5. beautiful (night 4 a) breakdown by Alaska: Winner of Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2, Alaska, is Pisces to the core. Whether it be her infamous meltdown on the show, or her off-beat, satirical pop songs, Alaska can usually be found flaunting her Pisces traits. We would call “beautiful (night 4 a) breakdown” a parody of early 2000s pop music but it’s actually a serious bop and calling it a parody just doesn’t do it justice. Please note, this is no offense to Pisces, wearing your emotions on your sleeve can be a good thing! Go ahead, have that breakdown, we all need it sometimes.

So stay out late partying or stay in for a few weeks days, however, the spirit moves you, we wish you a dreamy Pisces season! Check out our full 24 songs Pisces Playlist on Spotify!

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