P.S. & Co.’s Aquarius Season Playlist

Updated: Jul 21

And what you should snack on while listening…

We are right in the middle of winter and you know what that means! That’s right - it is Aquarius season! Here at P.S. & Co. we have compiled a playlist in honor of the assertive, creative, and independent air sign. If you are an Aquarius or just want to tap into the Aquarius spirit, check out our playlist and 100% organic, vegan gluten free, & kosher snack suggestions to embody the essence of the Aquarian.

Set the Scene

When: This playlist is best when you are pulling those all-nighters with that energetic, creative brain that won’t stop working! Also, tune into this playlist when you wake up at noon the next day and get ready to ease into the afternoon under the sweater weather sun.

Where: Aquarius minds flourish in their workspaces - whether it’s their art studio or thriving bakery. Throw on a pair of headphones and get in the zone as you pour your innovative ideas onto the blank canvas. Try listening while you catch up on business emails - you’ll get through that full inbox in a flash.

What (to eat): Aquarius season is lively with root vegetables and bright with citrus! Some highlights of this season are broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale, grapefruit, blood oranges, parsnips, lemons, and more! Enjoy a Green Smoothie with a crisp wedge of orange. Celebrate with the Aquarius Zodiac Cake, which is a divine Organic Matcha Passionfruit Cake – an artsy, unexpected blend of flavors that embraces the bright creativity of the Aquarian.

Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles - It may be gray and cold outside, but you can get those summer vibes you’re dreaming of by cranking up this Pop favorite. Even sung by an Aquarius, this song will have the independent air sign mouthing the words at work and dancing to the beat of their own summer drum.

Mr. Sun by Greentea Peng - This song opens up with the verse: “Woke up today and the sun was shining; I said, ‘Mr. Sun, where have you been?’” This song is about balancing out the light with the dark - a common motif among Aquarians. In order to experience and appreciate the good in life, you often have to face the dark along with it. But the light eventually comes back, igniting that spark in the eccentric Aquarian.

It’s a Good Day (to Fight the System) by Shungudzo - This tune is perfect for the progressive and ambitious Aquarius mind! It emphasizes that rebellious side and those Aquarian urges to explore outside the box and redefine rules versus abiding by them.

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