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At P.S. & Co., we aim to provide the cleanest, most delicious food that helps you feel incredible.  Our nutrient-driven menu is healthy in blueprint and decadent in taste.  We hope you'll find our delicious, plant-excluslive, gluten-free food and beverages as a gateway to feeling and living your best life.


         At P.S. & Co., we take great pride in providing 100% organic, plant-based, gluten-free kosher parve, scratch-made, and healthful products to our treasured guests.

        One of our missions is making sure our small business sustainably produces specialty food and desserts of the highest quality.  Every recipe is house-made, using the finest quality ingredients, executed by our skilled team whose livelihoods we value.  We want to share how we strive to do better for you and our employees.

        As an example, our ganache is made with organic cold-pressed, extra-virgin coconut oil, organic beyond-fair-trade cocoa powder, organic sustainable dark chocolate sweetened with organic coconut sugar and organic local maple syrup.  Every ingredient we use is in a completely different price tier, as well as recipes which are very labor intensive.

        The high-quality products that we use are both organic and certified gluten-free 100% of the time, which means our ingredients are expensive to begin with and difficult to source readily.  If our vendor is out of stock, we will be at Mom's Organic or Whole Foods buying the retail version, in order to maintain our commitment.  We will never swap out an ingredient for convenience or cost's sake.  In most cases, an organic item is twice the price of its conventional counterpart!

         Lastly, the restaurant industry (and its menu prices) has historically been built upon low wages, few benefits, and erratic and unreliable hours.  From the beginning of our Locust Street shop in 2014, we have made it a point to pay above industry standard, create set schedules that allow our team members stability, and since 2019 have provided, health insurance, paid time off, and 401K savings.  It was a personal goal of mine not to take a paycheck until we could afford benefits for our amazing employees.  Only then, would I know the true cost of doing business.

         Hopefully, this provides an inside peek of how we work and how we determine our prices.  As we grow and develop, we are driven to continue to push boundaries and discover innovative ways to bring you the cleanest, healthiest ways to enjoy organic, plant-based, gluten-free cuisine.  

          From all of us at P.S. & Co., we thank you for continuing this journey with us!  - Andrea and P.S. & Co.Team


Is your menu 100% vegan?

P.S. & Co.™ is 100% vegan (plant-based, dairy free, meat free, egg-free) made from whole foods.  We do not source or make fake meat products or processed substitutes.

We avoid highly processed, unhealthful forms of soy and pea protein, known as soy-protein or pea protein isolates.  As a result, we do not offer protein powders or popular vegan burgers.  These processed products also contain hard to digest gums and binders.  These ingredients may be vegan, but in our opinion, not the best for your health.​


How are you able to source 100% organic?  Seems impossible.

It is not easy.  Our goal is to serve the best product to you.  Produce changes with mother nature and organics is an even smaller slice of the pie, which is why you may see variations among our ingredients.  If we cannot source organically, we will not use a conventional alternative. That menu item may be on hiatus until that particular organic ingredient becomes available again. We will however source from  IPM and sustainable farmers who do not certify their ingredients as organic, but have been vetted to avoid using pesticides and herbicides.


We source our organic produce from Lancaster Farm Fresh, Baldor Specialty Foods, Summer Wind Farm, and Cecil Creek Farm to name a few. 


Our dry goods are sourced separately from the best vendors we find, which is approximately a list of growing 20 + vendors.  We prepare all of our menu items daily.  Fresh food has a short shelf life.  As a result, we recommend you consume our to-go items the same or next day at most, otherwise enjoy in our dining space.   We add no preservatives or short-cuts to our preparation.

P.S. & Co.™ stands apart from the rest who promise to be "committed to using organic, seasonal, and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible."  We want to do better for you.  This is why we commit to 100% organic standards.  It keeps us accountable, in order to keep our promise to you.

Does P.S. & Co. have any GMO ingredients?

Zero GMOs.  A label that reads "non-gmo" does NOT mean that product is also organic.  Organic is the lack of use of pesticides; non-gmo is referring to genetically modified engineering. 

It is true our menus are 100% gluten-free?  Yes, our kitchen is celiac safe while maintaining 100% organic standards.

P.S. & Co.™ is certified kosher parve, too?

Through the supervision of the International Kosher Council - Rabbi Zev Schwarcz, we are certified kosher parve.  Please click on the link to see our current certification.

Is P.S. & Co.™ safe for nut allergies or any allergies?

We are not safe for those with nut allergies.  We offer a few nut free options, but we use organic, raw nuts freely throughout our kitchen.  P.S. & Co.™ is not a nut-free or allergen free environment.  We also use organic soy in our kitchen, and occasionally organic corn.  As long as cross-contamination will not cause harm to you, we may be able to modify certain recipes.

Why do you bottle in glass?


We aim to reduce single-use waste as much as possible.  Due to pandemic restrictions, we have temporarily paused bottling juices and beverages in glass bottles. Philadelphia Health Department rules do not allow us to accept personal food and beverage containers to fill or allow us to accept bottle returns.  As a result, there is not enough demand to source glass bottles.  As these restrictions lift, we will enthusiastically resume our glass bottle practices. 


Why do you charge for to-go packaging and basic stuff that everyone else includes? 

In hopes of discouraging single-use packaging, we decided to itemize these costs to reward our guests who do bring their own containers or eschew boxes and bags, while raising funds for animal rescues.  All sales from the purchase of coffee cups, to-go boxes, straws, bags, etc. are donated to a different animal/wildlife cause every month.  Each month - through Instagram - guests help us vote where they would like the funds to be donated.  You can help us decide where your money goes!  We understand the transition is an inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding and support.  Please bring your own containers, reusable utensils, reusable bags, etc. to avoid additional charges.  Together, hopefully, we can transition our disposable culture into one that helps our planet thrive for future generations.  

Do you deliver?

We deliver through Doordash and our Toast online ordering app.  You may see on different ordering platforms as we trial and error who are the most reliable and guest service friendly.  The delivery apps we partner with will be listed on our website.

Are you BYOB?


Yes, we are!  As long as we're open, you're welcome to bring alcohol, any time of day.

How about reservations?

We accept reservations through RESY or you may email us at and we can make that reservation on your behalf. 

How can we contact someone at P.S. & Co.™?

For immediate assistance, please call us at 215.985.1706.  For all general inquiries and all press inquiries, please email  

Will P.S. & Co.™ provide any nutritional information?

Due to the changing nature of our menu, we are unable to create nutritional profiles with each new dish.  We don't have the people power to do so at this time.

By eating whole, plant-based ingredients, we hope you can intuitively eat and not need to count another calorie.  P.S. & Co.™ has thoughtfully created a menu in which plates and beverages are at a greater ratio of protein, healthy fats and nutrients than complex carbohydrates, sugars, salt and anti-inflammatory oils.  We do have ingredient lists for every menu item on our online menu.

Who designed P.S. & Co.™?

  • David Fierabend of Groundswell Design designed the interiors.

  • Different landscape firms have designed our exterior and interior garden spaces. 

  • Joe Malseed of Philadelphia Woodcraft Company handmade our tables from reclaimed wood.

  • Ian Chapin created our Hobart mixing bowl lamps and milk bottle chandeliers. 

  • Our shelves and marble counter tops are all made from reclaimed joists from Philadelphia scrap yards.

  • The reddish wood floors are original to the 100+ year old building.


How is P.S. & Co.™ making efforts towards sustainability?

  • We pay American Power and Gas for wind power credits as our source of electricity. 

  • We are moving away from plastic packaging and plan to have zero plastic to-go packaging or disposable coffee cups by 2022.  Our packaging will be non-coated paper packaging.  We'll also start a rewards program for those who bring their own reusable packaging for take-out orders.

  • We provide and source our paper straws from Aardvark.  We still have plastic straws for those with disabilities.

  • We repurpose our food scraps.  The majority of our waste is reabsorbed or recycled.

  • We source our 100% organic vegetables and fruit from local farms through Baldor Specialty Foods and Lancaster Farm Fresh.  If unavailable locally, we source our organic produce from Baldor Specialty Foods.

  • We're always eager to reduce waste and reuse.  If you have any suggestions, we are looking forward to learning more.

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