Trying to lose weight, but nothing seems to be working? 
We can help with creating a customized meal plan tailored to your individual macros and goals. 
Take the pre-weighing, meal prep and monotony out of your life and let us do the work for you! 
Adhering to a macronutrient meal plan not only leads to effective weight-loss and muscle gain, but results are more likely to last when your meals are pre-planned and organized for you.

Delivery (or pick-up) available by courier every Thursday from 10am-4pm 

We politely decline modifications and/or refunds, due to not reading ingredient descriptions.  We understand many of our guests seek us due to various allergies, however, due to our small staff and pandemic restrictions, we are not operating at full scale.  In such an event, we will offer you shop credit minus processing fees, which we cannot recoup from our credit card processors and Wix.  When in doubt, please reach out to us to make sure before you place an order.