Fun gifts to send to those far away!  

Create a delightful custom care package . 

Curate your own care package by adding these fun gifts to your shipping order!

Packages ship Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Most packages will arrive before the weekend (shipping time varies based on location).

If you're in a pinch, please call us at the restaurant to see if we can expedite your order.  


Please allow 24-48 hours from order date for a confirmation email. 

We will ship accordingly to arrive before the weekend.


We politely decline refunds, unless your item(s) arrive damaged. 

Packaging Disclaimer:

 If you see foam, plastic or single-use packaging,

we are repurposing clean packaging, in order to give it a second life!

*We also have new packaging for an additional fee;

if you prefer new, select the options for new box and wrapping when ordering*

 We love recycling something that would be tossed out,

and also passing the savings on to you!